Mise en commun - gestion RTI

The service of managing returnable packaging is a logistic and, above all, administrative support for companies which use their products repeatedly. Retrieving returnable containers from the clients is not always as easy and effective as we would like it to be – managing returnable containers service will help you reduce your costs.

Our task is to improve the process of managing returnable items, providing continuity of your supply chain at every stage of it. Our integrated transaction management system enables us to source actual data from all parties involved in the process in real time. Thanks to this, we know precisely the number of your packaging and the place where they are. As supervisors of your products we guarantee all parties involved in the process an effective work.


How does it work?

  • Each shipment of your packaging is registered in our system
  • Our operators take control over your items
  • We know the exact number and the localisation of your products in real time
  • On the basis of this data we communicate information about necessary deliveries/returns
  • You can focus only on shipment or receiving your returnable containers back

What are your benefits?

  • reduction of costs connected with managing returnable items
  • sealing the circulation of your packaging
  • the whole process is controlled by one central office (control tower)
  • no problems with managing the packaging
  • online access to all information
  • help with the products and EU regulations

Service available across the whole Europe

Your clients live in other countries? It is not a problem, as all sides involved in the process have an online access to the system. You have a full access to information at any time.

How to start cooperation in terms of managing returnable items?

Contact us by filling in the form below or use our email info@2return.pl to get more information. We tailor our offer to an individual customer’s needs once we collect proper data.

Want to learn more?

We invite you to visit our special 2Return website which briefly explains the subject of return transport items management, including reviews written by our clients. You will also have an opportunity to make more specific inquiries.


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